Volker Fitzpatrick Contract

B.Line have just completed a contract with existing client Volker Fitzpatrick at the new University in Northampton.  The works involved Adding a new junction on the Bedford, revamping 800meters of live high way and the construction of a new car park to hold 250 cars.  B.Line carried out all the Earth works, drainage, kerbing and[…]


We are pleased to announce they have been awarded a contract to carry our pavement works for existing client Interserve.  All works are on the A5 and have to be carried out in the evening out of hours, B.Line have been carrying out kerbing, Slabing and Tarmacing.  B.Line have carried out all works in house[…]

FORS accreditation

B.Line are please to of been award the FORS accreditation.  FORS stands for Fleet operators reorganisation scheme,  The main purpose of the scheme is to show our fleet of vehicles and drivers meets high standards.  These included side bars and under run bars, extra mirrors, extra camera, turning left warnings and high standard of driver[…]

Moulton Bypass

B.Line Plant have won the contract to install the drainage on the Moulton Bypass for new client Balfour Beatty.  The depth of the drainage varies from 1 meter to 5.5meters deep.  The contract involves 1.2km of Dual carriage way and 1 KM OF SINGLE carriage way road, as well as a new island been built[…]